Most cargos are transferred by sea, with modern large freighters capable of transporting thousands of tones in the most affordable and efficient manner.

Eagle Air & Sea Shipping Services Group Holding is a recognized leading sea freight forwarder in Thailand and offers worldwide cargo transfers through an extensive portfolio of commercial logistics services. We have built a strong reputation as an affordable and extremely reliable sea freight forwarding operation and we pride ourselves on our ability to design efficient custom-made solutions for our clients. In particular, we have developed special packages and rates for small and medium sized businesses that are designed to lessen the burden of transportation costs thus allowing them to compete more effectively.

We can arrange freight departure to anywhere in the world speedily and cost-effectively, either as part of a consolidated load (if the cargo is below 15 Cubic Meters) or as full containers. Containers vary in size - 32, 64 or 71 cubic meters - and we will advise our clients of the best sea freight forwarding option and will arrange shared space or container booking with the major shipping lines. As a experienced sea freight forwarder, Anthom Shipping has long-established excellent working relationships with MSC, Maersk and other major shipping companies and we can guarantee first rate service at competitive rates.

To ensure complete security and to minimize the risk of freight damage, Anthom Shipping offers professional packaging services that satisfies all international standards and will guarantee piece of mind. Additionally, our experienced and trustworthy export agents are highly adept at ensuring prompt customs clearance at all ports and airports throughout the world.

Our head office staff is multi-lingual, fluent in English, Spanish, French and Thai and efficient and personable; our people are committed to fully satisfying the logistics needs of our clients. As a reputable freight forwarder we are fully insured and conform to all international standards for cargo transference.

Why Us?

  • Pick up of your goods
  • Administrative export documents
  • Packing of the goods
  • Air freight / Sea freight
  • Customs clearance
  • Delivery at the requested address

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