Eagle Air & Sea Shipping Services Group Holding is an established and fully qualified air freight forwarder that has earned a strong reputation for delivering all types of cargo - small or large - in a secure and timely manner. Based in Bangkok, we offer international-standard freight forwarding solutions through an extensive network of highly reputable export agents; this means that wherever you are, be it in Thailand or anywhere else in the world, we will take full responsibility for your consignment and move it to wherever you need it.

Our air transfer operation recognizes the key requirements for distribution success in the global market - speed, timeliness and accuracy - and since 2006, we have built a thriving business delivering air freight in a prompt, efficient and cost-effective manner. We arrange the transport using leading air cargo carriers - Thai, Etihad, Emirates and many more - and we have developed excellent working relationships with them all. Our expert team of freight forwarders will ensure your consignment is always given a space at the earliest departure time; irrespective of your location, we offer cargo transfer from all custom airports on a daily basis.

Whilst air transfer is obviously more expensive than sea freight, it remains the most cost-effective means when time is paramount, particularly for low weight consignments; it is ideally suited for goods that weigh up to 300 Kg and/or with a volume of up to 2 cubic meters. We are confident that our rates are highly competitive and affordable and we offer special charges for small and medium sized businesses to assist them grow and earn a competitive edge in their markets.

Eagle Air & Sea Shipping Services Group Holding is a full service business with a comprehensive offering; we can meet all your needs from safe and secure packaging services, carried out by professionals and satisfying international standards, through to prompt and resourceful custom clearance solutions.

We are fully insured and meet international compliance in transferring cargos to any custom port in the world. Our expert team is multi-lingual and multi-cultural, offers highly personal service and is committed to ensuring your consignments reach their destinations safely and securely.

Rates are calculated based on the taxable weight of the consignment, which is the highest between gross weight and the volume weight. Please take a note of the following:

  • Gross weight is calculated based on the weight of the product (kg, ton, or lbs)
  • Volume weight = (cubic volume of the goods) x 1000 x(1/6)

Why Us?

  • Pick up of your goods
  • Administrative export documents
  • Packing of the goods
  • Air freight / Sea freight
  • Customs clearance
  • Delivery at the requested address

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